Trucks mechanical service

reparatii-mecanice-camioaneTruck service and general repairs make up our daily activity. Whether we talk about engine repair, about replacing a complex pivot or of a wheel alignment, all tasks are carried out promptly and professionally due to the skills that we gained during almost 10 years of experience.
In our service station we perform:

  • Periodic inspections (oil, filters, brake pads and fluid, light bulbs and fuses, belts change etc.)
  • Clutch repair (clutch kit, clutch fork);
  • Repairs and adjustments of the steering, braking and chassis systems;
  • Repairs and adjustments of hydraulics (cylinders, pumps, dispensers);
  • Injectors and injection pumps’ repairs;
  • Body repairs.

Important elements that you can check yourself regularly to avoid major failures of trucks:

1. Check the battery for any corrosion or leakage signs.

2. Open the hood and listen for any noises that seem abnormal. Once you’ve owned a truck for a period of time, you will become familiar with the normal sounds of the engine when working properly. Any unusual sounds indicate the need for an authorized inspection.

3. While the engine is running, check if all of the lights are working properly (headlights, tail lights, turn signals, backup lights and dashboard).

4. Check the pressure in all the tires, including the spare one. If the pressure is low, go to a gas station and inflate the tires.

5. Check the tire treads; if they are worn unevenly you should consider changing the tires.

6. Take a look under the truck, if you notice any spots on the ground, try to find the source of the leak. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, contact a qualified service.

We are ready to fix any complex problem comes up. GVR Auto Service team of specialists ensures mechanical repairs and quality maintenance of trucks at very competitive prices.