Trucks diagnosis

diagnoza-camioanePeriodic verification of the truck is a measure that ensures the safety both of the trucks and your business. We’re here to help with diagnostic services and specialist truck mechanics who can identify any problems and fix it in no time, saving you’re money and time.

In order to identify the problems of your truck, GVR Auto Service provides:

  • Computerized Testing for truck engines, diesel injectors, safety systems
  • Identification of errors occurred in the control unit
  • Complete inspection of the truck (distribution system, brake system, steering system, gearbox inspection, air conditioning system, electrical system, cooling system, fuel system, etc..)

Any problems encountered that jeopardize the normal functioning of the truck, our trained team can identify and fix it. You can make an appointment via phone or on our website for a complete truck diagnostic. If you want to know more regarding the steps of the diagnostic intervention (duration, costs etc), just contact us!

We want to become your trusted partner for a safe journey!