Injectors service

reparatii-injectoareInjectors play a critical role in providing high performance standards for truck and car engines. Unfortunately, the deposit of waste and impurities can affect the proper functioning of all types of injectors, in particular diesel injectors. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to replace these extremely expensive spare parts. Nowadays, we have the technology and the tools to repair injectors.
Over the time, our team of mechanics specialized in identifying the causes responsible for any malfunction of an injector and in repairing them. We fix common rail injectors for trucks and passenger cars and Daf, Volvo, Iveco and Scania pump nozzles.
We understand very well that, in times of economic difficulties, accurate professional services at a fair price are extremely important to our customers. For this reason, we are committed not only to test and recondition injectors (through a simple ultrasonic cleaning), but to fix them in order to restore their optimal functionality. In this regard, we offer a one year warranty on the work performed.
The injectors are essential components in the mechanism of a vehicle, given that optimal functioning of the injectors ensures normal engine operating parameters. They are responsible for spraying oil and under the conditions in which it cannot be controlled the amount of oil introduced into the cylinder, it can go as far as affecting the engine’s activity.
The professional equipment provided by our partners from Bosch and the experience of our mechanics allows us to do full injectors’ diagnostics and proceed to their repair in situations where there is a difference in the mechanical factory parameters. Injector repair involves the identification and effective replacement of worn or defective parts to allow normal operation again. Repair is not possible if we identify electronic problems. In this situation, we strongly recommend replacing the component.