About Us

service-camioane-gvrautoGVR Auto Service is a private company, with fully Romanian funding, established in 2004, whose main activity is currently truck service and repair.

We started our business bearing in mind the needs on this market sector in Romania, a sector with a great potential for development. Nowadays, we offer a wide range of services:  diagnostics, maintenance, repair and truck service at the highest quality standards. We also do mechanical and electrical testing for truck engines (MAN and Mercedes, in particular), construction machinery and other heavy vehicles and mount tilt systems for any type of truck.

Together with our partners from the German company Bosch, who has provided us with the most modern and advanced equipment, we have expanded our area of ​​activity. Thus, clients can now find in our offer testing services, diagnostics and repair for common rail truck and car injectors. We also repair pump nozzles.

In our truck service you can also purchase spare parts for Mercedes and Mann trucks: clutches, injectors and injector parts, gearboxes, differentials, friction pads, filters, tipping systems etc..

Maintaining high quality standards in our specialty (truck service), always being aware of the technologies and developments in the field, which allowed us to respond quickly to the needs and demands of the market, brought us over the years the confidence of an increasing number of customers and the satisfaction of the excellent results in our work.